All teachers are graduates with at least the CELTA qualification,  many have further qualifications;  only native speakers teach speaking skills.

The English Language Academy Programme is exceptional because it offers you the rich timetable, onsite facilities, extra-curricular support and leisure options usually only available to University students.

  • Elementary / Pre-Intermediate (A2)
  • Intermediate (B1)
  • Upper Intermediate (B2)
  • Advanced (C1)
  • Proficiency (C2)

The aim of this course is to give you and a peer group all the fundamental skills you need to progress to the next level of English: reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

It is necessary to buy the course book, which costs around £30.

We learn by doing.  To help you use your classroom skills, particularly speaking, outside in the real world we work a lot in pairs and in groups (communicative approach). 

 Structure is given by the course book, but the emphasis is on functional English and relating learning to life.

 You are encouraged to ask questions - taking control of your study is the path to your success.  Weekly tests give you confidence in your progress and show the teacher when it may be time to go over an area.

  • Basic English for Work and Business
  • Business English
  • Academic English (EAP)

Few businesses and workplaces are active within one country only. Being able to function well using the international language of communication, English,  has become a necessity. 

Basic English for Work and Business (beginner-intermediate)
This course will introduce you to the basic vocabulary you need to survive in the workplace: how to introduce yourself, write a cv, use the telephone, write formal and informal letters and emails, perform well at interview and so on.

  • Professional image
  • Appropriate business and marketing language (jargon)
  • Social English:  introduce your business; make contacts
  • Understand clients and colleagues at work
  • Understand telephone conversation
  • Understand emails and letters
  • Speak well at meetings and on the telephone
  • Interview technique 
  • Use appropriate language to write email, letters and cv
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Become confident
  • Make Presentations
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Sales (production and supply optional)
  • Negotiation

Business English (intermediate to advanced)
You are already using essential business English in your profession but you know you can improve and require expert assistance you need a bespoke course that is relevant to you:

  • Effective professional communication including trends, graphs and figures, if appropriate
  • Specialist vocabulary relevant to your profession
  • Discussion of business topics relevant to you
  • Different types of presentation technique
  • Persuasive argument and negotiation techniques
  • Social English and cultural awareness

Controlled practice and practical feedback to improve your workplace English skills

English for Academic Purposes
The aim is to empower you with the specialist  vocabulary and skills needed to succeed at University and in performing academic research e.g. note taking, contributing in seminars and group research, presentations, writing essays and academic papers. Questions are welcome. The aim is to support you.

  • KET (A2)
  • PET (B1)
  • FCE (B2)
  • CAE (C1)

Taking an English exam can help to motivate you to study harder, as well as giving you a useful qualification.

Cambridge Exam Suite Preparation
All the Cambridge exams test grammar and the four main skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  There are distinct exams at levels from beginner to advanced. You will learn the format of the exam, topic area vocabulary, useful grammar and techniques to succeed. The Cambridge certificate is internationally recognised by employers and academic institutions throughout the world and remains valid indefinitely.

The Cambridge exams can be taken at GAUC with four or more candidates. Exam fee £90.

KET pre-intermediate (A2)*
PET intermediate (B1)*
FCE upper intermediate (B2)*
CAE advanced (C1)*

*exceptional exam performance can be graded one level higher

Academic IELTS Preparation
The IELTS certificate is recognised in 140 countries by employers, academic institutions and immigration authorities. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are tested but there is no grammar section. Skills learnt are intended to be of practical academic use.

There  is one exam which is the same for all candidates. You do not pass or fail but receive a band score which correlates to the CEFR grading system.

 2 million tests are taken globally per year.  Validity 2 years IELTS can be taken in Canterbury throughout the year. Exam fee £160.

TOEFL Preparation ( no local testing service)
Validity 2 years. Recognised in 130 countries. Similar in format to IELTS but the exams  use American vocabulary and spelling  and reference American history and culture.  Basic cultural knowledge is included in the course.

TOEIC Preparation (no local testing service)
Validity 2 years The aim of the TOEIC exam is to demonstrate English proficiency in workplace situations, speaking, listening, reading and writing are tested.  Support is given in all aspects.

One-to-One Coaching at College or Distance Learning via Skype

Everyone learns in a unique way and has individual strengths and weaknesses.  One-to-one coaching is the most effective way of studying for most people, as your tutor can focus on addressing your needs exclusively and helping you to achieve your personal, academic or work related goals. However, the courses are intensive and you can expect to tire more quickly than in group classes.

One of our most highly qualified tutors can also offer distance one-to-one coaching at times that are mutually convenient.  If you have internet and Skype you can study from anywhere in the world.

Allow us to work with you to meet your English related goals from the comfort of your home or office. As the cost of travel and accommodation increases and international business is increasingly conducted online, many people tend to internet conferencing and online file-sharing to communicate. If your time is precious and you need to study from your home or on-the –go, or if you are already experienced with online communication, why not make most of online study.

You will have interaction with your tutor, using audio connection and file-sharing software to re-create the actual classroom activity.

Before the payment for your course, we will contact you to check whether internet connection is working smoothly and reliably, and the required software is downloaded or installed to your computer. Then we will work together to decide your course content and level with our Learner Requirement Analysis.