Our Human Resources Department, which follows the principle of 'people first', believes that respect for the community begins with respect for the individual person.

The aim of our 'Human Resources Process' is to be fast, accurate and decisive. This approach is to achieve staff satisfaction, plan the personal and professional development of our staff in accordance with their wishes, increase motivation and to instil a sense of belonging.

By applying competence-based interview techniques based on the principle of 'the right person for the right job' during the selection and appointment process, we ensure that candidates are appointed to positions which are suited to their knowledge, ability and skills. We also ensure, through our performance management system, that our staff are able to see the results of their own work and to evaluate themselves.

Career Opportunities
Our recruitment process begins with the publication of a vacancy and a review of the pool of candidates who have made previous applications. The foundation of our recruitment and appointment process, which continues all year round, is technical and competency based interviews.

During our recruitment process, all candidates are assessed based on functional competency specific to the position and basic competency such as emotional intelligence, time management, individual motivation and self-development ability. All candidates are notified of the outcome at the end of the recruitment process.


Would you like to join our team?
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The English Language Academy at GAU Canterbury seeks experienced local TEFL freelancers.

For General English you will be a graduate with a CELTA, Trinity  or equivalent qualification and at least 1 year’s teaching experience.

For EAP, Business English  and the English Language Exam Preparation Classes you will have a relevant post-graduate teaching qualification and 5 hours of supervised teaching practice.

You put the student at the centre of your teaching practice and will adapt your approach to their learning styles to achieve maximum results.

Hours dependent on demand.  Please send a short covering letter stating your availability,  how you will help our students and attaching your cv to with the title: ‘attn HoE ELA job vacancies’