Akpınar Represents Higher Education of TRNC In The International Cooparation and Invesment Summit

Girne American University (GAU) Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators Serhat Akpınar participated in the Istanbul International Cooperation and Investment Summit.

In the summit which was organized jointly by International Diplomats Association (DMW) Turkey and European Business Association (EBCA) and supported by Prime Ministry Investment Support and Publicity Agency, many local and foreign investment shareholders and companies and brands which are considered as leaders in their fields came together.

Akpınar who attended to the Istanbul International Cooperation and Investment Summit in the name of GAU which supports the summit as a sponsor, made a presentation about Higher Education of TRNC and referred the followings;

“Today, Turkish Republic which is in the process of continuous development and improvement has many expansions around the world. With the development process of Higher Education, modern programs such as space sciences and aviation industry started to take the first place in the TR Sectoral Development Program. In order to keep up with the development process of the modern world, notion of internationalization is our major necessity. Like in other sectors, necessary contacts, interactions, cooperation and shares protects its necessity also in the Higher Education at an international level.

At this point, it is a inevitable fact that TRNC universities which admits students from 120 different countries and make their international accredited and parity communications in top level also directs the world’s higher education. Along with the TRNC and TR universities, the governments should take their steps together in any international acceptances, by this way legislative regulations will carry the higher educations of TRNC and TR onward from their locations.

Despite the unfair embargos which are laid on TRNC, this dynamism of its higher education institutions presents a system that will certainly attract the investment shareholders.

Improvement of technologic and necessity directed constructions and investments will encourage our institutions and help them to be carried in their top positions.

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