TEDx Prepared An Event At GAU

Brining different ideas and perspectives together, TEDx was setup in America, and prepared an event in the GAU. The spokesperson of the event assoc. Prof. Dr Ozan Ormeci, flashed on the importance of the Hollywood film sector economically and the political images created and analysed with in the American films. The other spokesperson assoc. Prof. Dr Lawrence Emeagwahi mentioned the instinct ability and taking instinct abilities into account can observe a person’s future actions that can be affected. Drawing a lot of attention, at the event it was spoken through how TEDx had started up and developed.

How TEDx was setup

Created in America, TEDx first started up with short speeches and small scale conferences. Later on it became a worldwide conference where ideas and views were expanded all around the world. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. TED speeches were demanded by other countries in a short period of time, and was thought to impose positive views points so, soon an on they started preparing events in different countries. TEDx aim ‘spread ideas around the world, and redound different perspectives, and for these points to be spread around with conferences to the world.’

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