Before you Arrive

Living Cost

  • Food  £40 to £70 per week - The amount you spend depends on how much you eat and how expensive your tastes are!
  • Clothes and laundry  £15 to £45 per week - Costs will vary depending on your personal tastes and how much shopping you do!
  • Social life  £25 to £65 per week - This is an important part of student life, so it is important you budget for it. How much you actually spend will depend on your interests and how much socialising you do.
  • Mobile phones £5 to £15 per week - The amount you spend is up to you keep an eye on your bills. You should shop around for the cheapest tariff to suit your circumstances.
  • Television £2.83 per week (calculated over 52 weeks) - If you decide to have a television in your room, you are required to have a licence.

On your First Day

On your first day you will have a written and spoken test to assess your level of English. We will also discuss with you what areas you hope to improve in when you studying at ELA.Induction Programme for New StudentsThis programme allocates a personal tutor (Personal Academic Advisor) to each student and explains the Personal Development Plan (PDP) which helps each student to organise his/her own learning as well maximize their participation to the programme effectively. The induction programme includes an introduction to GAUC facilities to support their learning path, such as small campus library, computer lab, as well as communal areas. A visit will be made to the local public library where they can get their library cards.
Students who are required to register with the Police according to the UKVI rules&regulations will be fully informed and supported with the relevant document for their appointments.

Student Council

All students are invited to become a member of the student council where they will be encouraged to have their say on what happens during their time at GAU Canterbury. The council meet three times a term to discuss the design, delivery and quality of management of all aspects of the service that GAU Canterbury provides.

Social Event and Activities

Students are invited to attend various events and activities organised by GAU Canterbury throughout the term.  Details of the events will be displayed on the notice boards in the Campus and shared on the GAUC website.