Kyrenia, Cyprus

Besides the student-oriented education, GAU arranges activities that will improve social and cultural side of the students. Symposiums, conferences and communes within the scope of over 1000 activities are held by experts in their fields to support their studies every academic year. You will be in the right center of campus life with the opening cortege of the academic year, spring fests, dance and theatre festival which are organized conventionally every year. GAU breaks grounds with academic and social activities in Cyprus, also has a very good reputation and distinguished name in social responsibility projects.

Istanbul, Turkey

With its new setup, Girne American University is starting to offer certificate programs wıth the English Language Academy of UK (ELA),International Tourism Education Board and other approved educational bodies in its new location Istanbul. Additionally, GAU Istanbul Campus runs Summer School programs from any faculty, and the students are encouraged to take 2-3 courses. The courses to be opened are contingent on the student applications.

International Aviation Academy (IAA) Flight School
Girne American university offers professional pilotage training certification program and also incorporates other significant aviation certification programs.  GAU students from any department or people who want to have pilot certification but are not students at GAU can benefit from the flight training program.

Chisinau, Moldova

Founded in 2 June 2015, American University of Moldova can be found on the historic Ştefan cel Mare Boulevard in Chişinău. You can visit for more information. GAU registered students in the undergraduate degree programs: Accounting, Architecture, Business and Administration, Finance and Banking, General Economic, International Relations, Law, Marketing and Logistics, Political Science, Psychology, Tourism and the Foundation English program; will be able to go for a semester or maximum four to Moldova within the frame of the Study Abroad Program.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

GAU Colombo campus is a partnership with the Metropolitan College, offering courses in Psychology, Business, Accounting, International Business, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Political Science, Banking and Finance, International Relations and English Language and Literature. Through this partnership GAU Students have the option of spending 1 or 2 semesters away in colorful and vibrant Colombo.

Hong Kong, China SAR

GAU students have a chance to spend a short term program in the mystical atmosphere of the Far East, Hong Kong. Students are able to take their degree courses while getting to know different cultures and traditions. Hong Kong is a small but dynamic city located to the southeast of the Mainland China, adjoining the province of Guangdong. It forms a triangle with Macau to the west and Guangzhou to the Northwest in the Pearl River Delta. GAU Hong Kong Program provides intensive coursework supplemented by a dynamic cultural immersion program with  sightseeing and guided tours.

Washington DC, USA

GAU USA, located very near to Washington DC, will be offering dual-degree MBA Programs wıth GAU MBA Program. Online Master of Business Administration curriculum offers students an oppertunity to develop a broad understandıng of organization and business and then to focus on a special area of interest. It is designed to promote career advancement of professionals from every undergraduate background. The on-line MBA program is specifically designed for the working students. The normal progression of a student leads to the completion of the degree program in a period of two years.